Schedule Updates

February 2023

Irrigation Start Ups
We will be scheduling Irrigation Start Ups starting in March. Please give the office a call at 913-829-6135 to get on the schedule.


Turf Maintenance
Round 1

Granular Fertilizer & Pre-Emergent
Provides essential nutrients designed to wake the grass plant and slowly feed it through spring. There is also a pre-emergent herbicide which is the first stage to grassy weed control.

If you are interested in starting your personalized turf health plan please give us a call.


Plant Health Care
This application is a dormant oil to be applied in February/March. This is applied to Evergreens (except Blue Spruce/Junipers), Magnolia, Euonymus, Burning Bush, Boxwoods, Yews, Hollies, Crabapple, etc.

This will target pests that overwinter in the bark or trunks. These include Scale, Aphids, White Flies, and Disease Spores.


Mowing Service
If you’re interested in mowing services for 2023 please contact the office at (913) 829-6135 to discuss your needs and pricing.


Spider Mites & Bagworms

We've seen our first sightings  this season of Spider Mites and Bagworms!  Spider Mites are wreaking havoc on Burning Bushes and Bagworms are just getting hungrier by the day..Spider Mites typically feed on Burning Bush and Alberta Spruces.  The best way to test for them is the "White paper test".  Hold a sheet of white paper under the bush and give it a shake.  If you see ground pepper sized insects on the paper, you have a problem and need to treat.  The plant will also brown out and there will be small webbing that is most noticeable in the morning when there is dew.  Chemicals used to treat are miticides.  Choose one that kills both the adults and eggs.  Although expensive, Forbid 4f is a great product for Spider Mites.  Bagworms feed primarily on evergreens like Junipers, Spruce and Arborvitaes.  They are easily controlled with most insecticides especially in the early stages when they are small.

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