Schedule Updates

November 2022

Irrigation Shut Downs
We are currently shutting down irrigation systems. Please give the office a call at 913-829-6135 to get on the schedule.


Turf Maintenance
Round 7

Winterizer Granular Fertilizer
Providing a heavy nitrogen feeding designed to help the lawn carry through the Winter and help with greening up in the Spring.

If you are interested in starting your personalized turf health plan please give us a call.


Plant Health Care
We are currently on our 6th and final round of our Plant Health Care Program. In this round we will be treating Yews, Arborvitae, Junipers, Boxwood, Spruce, and Euonymus with a bactericide and fungicide to help prevent Winter desiccation. This application is done during November/December.


Mowing Service
The 2022 mowing season has ended. If you’re interested in mowing services for 2023 please contact the office at (913) 829-6135 to discuss your needs and pricing.


Watering New Seed and Grass

This is one of the most important steps in the renovation process.  Make sure your seed is receiving enough water to germinate but not too much that it drowns.  We reccomend at least 2 times per day 10-15 min. on rotor heads and 5-7 min on spray heads.  Continue this watering until seed has germinated and you have a good stand of new grass.  Switch watering over to once a day, around mid-day, everyday.  Except on days when you mow, not to damage new grass.   Keep this process up until you have mowed your new grass 2-3 times.

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