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November 2022

Irrigation Shut Downs
We are currently shutting down irrigation systems. Please give the office a call at 913-829-6135 to get on the schedule.


Turf Maintenance
Round 7

Winterizer Granular Fertilizer
Providing a heavy nitrogen feeding designed to help the lawn carry through the Winter and help with greening up in the Spring.

If you are interested in starting your personalized turf health plan please give us a call.


Plant Health Care
We are currently on our 6th and final round of our Plant Health Care Program. In this round we will be treating Yews, Arborvitae, Junipers, Boxwood, Spruce, and Euonymus with a bactericide and fungicide to help prevent Winter desiccation. This application is done during November/December.


Mowing Service
The 2022 mowing season has ended. If you’re interested in mowing services for 2023 please contact the office at (913) 829-6135 to discuss your needs and pricing.


Sprinkler System Service in Leawood

Who turned up the heat?! The sun is radiant in Kansas City, is your lawn protected? Hydrate your lawn with a sprinkler system service in Leawood!

Sprinkler System Service in Leawood

The sun brought it’s A game early May – shining with full force. We’ve noticed the numerous sunburns and farmers tans around neighborhoods! While you’re enjoying the great outdoors, are you thinking about your lawn? The sun and heat can really affect the hydration of your soil. Lack of hydration can lead to sparse, dying grass. Overcome these negative effects with a sprinkler system service in Leawood.

Sprinkler system service in Leawood to cover your essential irrigation care basics.

A sprinkler and/or irrigation system provides a lot of essential benefits to the health of your lawn. The best part? It requires little to no effort by you! We’ll take care of it for you.

From sprinkler system service turn-on which includes a complete full system check, checking all parts and coverage of the system to ensure it is watering properly.

Sprinkler/Irrigation System Repair in Leawood.

During a sprinkler system turn-on, you never know what the condition state will be of your sprinkler. Your sprinkler could be good to go and run properly right from the start. However, like most hardware, your sprinkler will need maintenance or repair. When this happens, don’t stress! If you work with Aspen, we’ll start taking care of it for you the same day.

Sprinkler System Installation in Leawood.

If your sprinkler is beyond repair or if you need a new installation altogether, great! Aspen’s team of professionals can help design a sprinkler that is custom to the composition of your lawn – the surface area, areas of high/low sun, soil type and the appropriate amount of water.

By focusing on water conservation, you can rest assured your lawn will receive the appropriate amount of water without hijacking your water bill!


Aspen offers homeowners landscaping and shrub trimming service in Leawood.

Impressed by how easy and seamless our services are? Well, we don’t stop at irrigation system service in Leawood. We offer homeowners landscaping and shrub trimming service in Leawood to add an extra element of beauty to your lawn. Your curb appeal says a thousand words. Let’s make the magic happen together!


Request a callback or use our free quote tool to get started with sprinkler system service in Leawood.

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