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February 2023

Irrigation Start Ups
We will be scheduling Irrigation Start Ups starting in March. Please give the office a call at 913-829-6135 to get on the schedule.


Turf Maintenance
Round 1

Granular Fertilizer & Pre-Emergent
Provides essential nutrients designed to wake the grass plant and slowly feed it through spring. There is also a pre-emergent herbicide which is the first stage to grassy weed control.

If you are interested in starting your personalized turf health plan please give us a call.


Plant Health Care
This application is a dormant oil to be applied in February/March. This is applied to Evergreens (except Blue Spruce/Junipers), Magnolia, Euonymus, Burning Bush, Boxwoods, Yews, Hollies, Crabapple, etc.

This will target pests that overwinter in the bark or trunks. These include Scale, Aphids, White Flies, and Disease Spores.


Mowing Service
If you’re interested in mowing services for 2023 please contact the office at (913) 829-6135 to discuss your needs and pricing.


Do You Need Help With Irrigation Repair And Adjustments?

As a part of our irrigation program, we provide irrigation repair and adjustments for our homeowners. Without proper oversight by a professional your irrigation system service may be in danger.

Prepare Ahead Of Time With Our Irrigation System Service

Our irrigation system service is fully equipped with all of the right tools. Therefore, your irrigation system will never be in danger. When our sprinkler contractors install an irrigation system, they will run you through all of the benefits provided.

irrigation system service


An Effective Irrigation Repair Service Readily Available

Sometimes mother nature decides to hit us when we least expect it. It’s wise to be prepared. Therefore, as a part of our irrigation system service, we insisted on providing an irrigation repair service. Without one, our homeowners will be in need.

The cold weather can heighten the need for irrigation services. Therefore, the only proper solution for arising sprinkler issues is pairing with an irrigation repair service. Without a technician readily available, your lawn and sprinkler service could be in danger.

irrigation repair service

How To Properly Solve An Issue With Your Irrigation System

Homeowners typically attempt to solve issues that arise with their irrigation systems on their own. Although, this never ends well. It’s difficult to know how to properly assess the issue at the core.

Therefore, we advise never attempting to solve an irrigation system issue on your own. At Aspen, as a part of our sprinkler system service, we provide an irrigation repair service. This service will be readily available at hand in case any issues do arise.

Our sprinkler system repair service is available if something causes your sprinkler to break or to be completely damaged. No matter how small or large the issue is, we can create a solution.

irrigation repair system

Pair With An Irrigation Repair Service & Receive A Free Quote Today!

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