Allow your soil to absorb air, water, and nutrients more efficiently.

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Aeration in Overland Park KS

Aerate Your Lawn in the Fall
Aeration in Overland Park KS is the best thing you can do for your lawn during the fall months!

Aeration Lets Your Lawn Breathe
After the long, hot summer months, aeration opens up the hardened soil and allows water and nutrients to flow into the all-important root zone.

Adds Nourishment Back Into Your Soil
Plugs removed from the soil during the process go back into the soil as organic matter and help to nourish the plant and breakdown thatch.

Perfect for Lawns that dry out easily.
If your lawn dries out easily or has a spongy texture, you might want to ask our specialists for help. This can be an indicator of a prime candidate for aeration.

Reverse Lawn Compacting.
Is your lawn dedicated as the neighborhood hang out spot? The weekly pick-up football game field? If your lawn receives a lot of traffic, from your kiddos or pets, this is probably contributing to compacting your lawn.

Perfect for Newly Constructed Homes
With newly constructed homes, the top soil can be buried and replaced by a new subsoil layer. The excessive travel of construction equipment contributes to compacting your new lawn.