Leaf Removal

Drop that Rake! Leaf It to Us for Leaf Cleanup & Removal

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Leaf Removal in Overland Park KS

Leave the leaves to Aspen!

Save Time on the Time Intensive Chore
Aspen Lawn & Pest Control provides leaf removal in Overland Park KS. Raking leaves may be the worst thing about having a lawn with trees, whether large or small.

We Service Any Time of the Year
Leaf cleanup and removal can be scheduled any time of year, but we suggest performing the majority of your yard cleanup in the fall before the snow packs the leaves down.

Why schedule a leaf removal service?

Leaves smother the grass resulting in a thin, unhealthy lawn. Remember those dozens of leaf bags on your curb last fall? Spend your valuable time doing something else this fall and let Aspen take care of the leaves for you this year. Yard cleanups are a part of our lawn care services in Overland Park KS and surrounding areas.