Sprinkler Winterization

Protect Your Sprinkler During the Winter with Sprinkler Winterization Service.

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Sprinkler Winterization in Overland Park KS

Why Do I need a Sprinkler Winterization Service?

During the hot summers, your sprinkler system works tirelessly to keep your lawn looking beautiful, but it is important that it is shut down correctly before winter to prevent freezing and cracking of the irrigation lines.

A Professional Technician Takes Care of Everything
No guessing, only quality service. An Aspen technician will use an air compressor to blow all water out of the irrigation lines for the winter months, which helps to ensure that there is no freezing and cracking of the irrigation lines.

An Additional Benefit of Our Sprinkler System Service Program
Let Aspen winterize your sprinkler as a part of our sprinkler system service in Overland Park KS. By partnering with Aspen Lawn & Pest Control, we will help you with repairs, maintenance, water conservation, installation, turn-on and more.