The Perfect Fall Service for a Healthy Lawn.

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Verticutting in Overland Park

An Important Fall Service
Just like aeration, verticutting in Overland Park is important to perform in the fall months if you would like to achieve and maintain a beautiful lawn.

What is Verticutting?
Verticutting or verti-slicing helps to incorporate the seed into the soil layer so that it will germinate properly. Talk to Aspen if you're planning on seeding this fall, as verticutting may also be a good idea to ensure those new seeds from the strongest roots in your yard!

How Does Verticutting Work?

The verticutter machine creates more of a slicing motion rather than a punching motion. The verticutter is used after the seed is applied, essentially “cutting” the seed into the soil. Verticutting will provide an immediate even look to a new seed job in comparison to aerating which will create patches of new grass that will eventually become thicker.

Aerate & Verticutting for Maximum Results
For lawns that have been killed off or are very thin many times both aeration and verticutting are necessary to ensure a thicker, healthier looking lawn.